Senin, 30 Agustus 2010

The Flight

Sorry, It took so long to post the second post. Internet access was very limited. Besides, I went everywhere with my host family. Anyway I'm going to tell you what happened on 24-25 August. So, here goes

I woke up in the morning on 24th of August. It's my father's birthday, I congrats him at midnight while he was watching some film :p Anyway, All of us took a bath and prepared everything. Then, my cousin, Rendy come to say goodbye for the last time. He helped us took some photo before and after bath too. After that, we had some breakfast together.We ate roast pork and bihun which is some of my favourite food. At last, off we go to the airport. I slept a little bit on the way to the airport because I'm sleepy. I arrived at approximately 10AM and immediately went to the check in counter. I brought 2 baggages (which is very heavy) and a back pack (which is heavy too). The baggage is around 22 kgs each. After the check in, I went outside to meet my fam again. We ate at Toni Jack's, spending the last time we had, hearing some wisdom words from my father. Then it's time for me to go. As we went near the entrance, I can say nothing to them.My sisters just stared at me sadly and my mother cried which make it harder to leave them, but there's nothing I can do except convincing them that I'll be all right (eat on time, sleep on time). So, off I go.

Soekarno-Hatta Airpot with my family (Destination :  Taiwan)
I went to where I supposed to go while looking around, considering my new loneness. The process to the waiting room went on smoothly without any obstacles. I kept in touch with my family and my friend before my departure. My mum said that everybody in the car was crying ( expect for the driver, for sure). There's a 5-minute delay for my flight but beside that, everything is fine. At 14.05, I boarded the plane which was owned by China Airlines. My first destination was Taipei. The seat was 2-4-2. I sat alone on a 2-seat part on the right near the emergency door. Hence, the stewardess asked me to read some instructions regarding the emergency case. At last, the plane departed, leaving Jakarta with me on it.

Taiwan Airport. (Destination : San Fransisco)
On the flight, I was given the choice of chicken or fish. In the end, I chose fish with rice and some veggie. There's a TV on the plane, so I watched Iron Man 2, although I had watched it at the Cinema back then. I was so sleepy, but I decided I have to strategize my sleep time so I wouldn't suffered from a jet lag. I just took 1 hour sleep on that flight. The plane took 5 hours to reach it destination. But because of the time difference between Jakarta and Taipei, I arrived there around 8.30 PM. I took the MRT to change the terminal. Then I wandered in the terminal one, taking some photos and eventually I found a free internet services.

Chicago Airport (Final Destination : Columbus)
mmm, maybe that's it for now, I'll continue later :p

Hey, so it's been like almost 1 year since I wrote the blog. I'm sorry I was so lazy and unmotivated. hehehe. So let's see, there is so much that I forgot since then, so I will just try to write what I remember. :)

So, I used the free internet service to update my family and I think some of my friends. Without any delay, I signed off and went to San Fransisco on the next plane. That was the longest airplane travel so far. I tried to sleep but it was so hard because it was so cold and uncomfortable. On my left, there was this an Asian man with his wife. I remembered having a bit conversation with. I think they praised me for my bravery :) On my right, there was this Taiwanese women in her late 20s or early 30s. I had more conversation but I don't really remember what we were talking about. She gave me her business card and I'm pretty sure I still have it somewhere. ( I just moved in so please understand :D) Anyway, I tried so hard to sleep and after a long restless night, I arrived at SF Airport. You can find more of my picture in those airports even though I can't remember which is which :p
There is nothing that i can remember from the SF-Chicago flight but I do remember that my first food in USA (Chicago) was McDonalds :D it was about $3.59 or so and i thought it is so expensive. hehehe.. but I'm so hungry so I need to eat. The time was pretty tight so I went to the next flight from Chicago to Columbus. The plane was really small, only 2 seats per row. I remember seeing Lake Michigan for the first time.

Later on, I finally arrived at Columbus. I took my baggage and start looking for someone that was suppose to pick me up. His name is Nelson Moorhead. He volunteered through IFI to pick me up and deliver me to another volunteer's house where I will live for a few days. I went through the gate while looking for him. It turns out that I passed him because I was not sure which one is him. After a few confusion and phone call, we met and we went to his van. I still remember our travel from airport to Campus Area. The weather was nice and windy. I was seeing the landscape and I felt this blissful and peaceful feeling at the same time. ^^

Jumat, 20 Agustus 2010

Test : First Post

Whew, I just created a blog of mine to record my journey to America.
Let's start with August 20th 2010. 4 days til my departure and 8 days til my 18th birthday.
Today, I went to Tarumanegara University to accompany my friend, Natalia. We plan to spend some of our time at MKG, but it turned out that her Academic talk haven't even started yet. So, I bravely enter the classroom for I shouldn't be a part of it. I was afraid and constantly thinking whether I should go out or not. In the end, I managed to keep myself be a part of the talk. I even got a guidance book for Untar, lol. In the middle of a talk show (around 2/3 PM) We escaped from a talk show since it will decrease our free time if we stay there.

We went to MKG by bus and angkot. Nothing much to say except we got a seat on the "Transjakarta" bus which sometimes is kinda rare. Shortly after our arrival, we went to WSI (Wall Street Institute) because I deserve a certificate for completing Threshold 1. After that, we went to Sushi Tei (I'm not sure 'bout the spelling). Anyway, it served sushi. After some munch, we went to some place such as Homemade (to buy bread), Rumah Kita (to look for TSA lock), STAR (for the same purpose of going to Rumah Kita), Poffertjes, Anime machi ( found Gilbert there) and Fashion hub (for nothing). The next thing we did is find Nata's mum and not long after that I left them because it's a too late for me. And here I am, making my first post of my first blog. I think that's enough for now. It's too late too now. See ya on the next post